• Dreams come true

    Enjoying your favorite TV programs while bathing, Mirriew mirror video technology to make your dreams come true.

  • Color options customized

    Stylish enough to express individuality. We can also create your own color. no matter rosy red, ocean blue or universe black, anyone can be the focus of attention.


  • Various functions, Various environmen Various functions t, various element to match.
    Mirriew mirror tv can blend into them, create a fantasy gorgeous scenery line, isn't that what the mirror TV you want?

  • Choose Your Best Solution

    Match with various fields' decoration style freely, to enhance your brand image.

    Nowadays most of luxury hotel, consumer sites, office space, have rushed to choose customized Mirriew waterproof mirror TV to enhance their brand image and competitiveness.

  • Integrated with perfection
    Perfect fusion of mirror and HD screen 

    It seems like an ordinary mirror, but hidden in the mirror, an LED high-definition screen magically appeared. To have such a fantastic effect, because we use special technique on the mirror to make the mirror ‘s reflection get a wonderful balance.
  • Mirriew smart kitchen TV, break the traditional boundaries of kitchen.
    Technology changed kitchens, the changes brought about by technology, makes "cook" into" cooking". kitchen becomes an entertainment place, and also be able to connect with the world.

  • Smart Kitchrn TV
    Small body great wisdom.

    Slim design easier blend into your kitchen style.

  • Home Automation Solutions
    Mirriew smart home system

    Mirriew smart home network system is not only center on family, but be able to link the district of various well-equipped together; gently touch the keys you can arbitrarily control any electrical appliances in your family.


Newest Product


Mirriew smart kitchen TV has broken the traditional boundaries of kitchen.



Core Technology


Improve core competitiveness,
strengthen brand image building